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Most of us have serverd during the COLD WAR, the longest war this nation faced (September 2, 1945 to December 26, 1991) and this is to recognize us for what we did.

Milllions of us watched and stood on guard for deacades to keep the peace and prevent a war that would have been the end of humanity as we know it.

Please share in this and take pride in what we have done and accomplished.

This is our "MEDAL" and the supporting document we earned.

Background and history:

In accordance with section 1084 of the National Defense Authorization Act[1] for fiscal year 1998, Congress commended the members of the Armed Forces and civilian personnel who contributed to what the US government sees as their own historic victory in the Cold War, and authorized and instructed the then-Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, to prepare a certificate recognizing the Cold War service of qualifying members of the Armed Forces and civilian personnel of the Department of Defense and other government agencies. The certificate became known as the Cold War Recognition Certificate available by request of the individual by all members of the armed forces and qualified federal government civilian personnel who honorably served the United States anytime during the Cold War, which is defined as September 2, 1945 to December 26, 1991.

In October 2001, Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)[2] for fiscal year 2002, which is signed into law on December 28, 2001 by President George W. Bush. In the NDAA approved by both houses and signed into law by the president, was a Sense of the Congress resolution that the Secretary of Defense should consider authorizing the issuance of a Campaign medal, to be known as the Cold War Service Medal, to each person who while a member of the Armed Forces served satisfactorily on active duty during the Cold War. The then-Secretary of DefenseDonald Rumsfeld, did not create such a medal.

The official US Navy web page states: "The Department of Defense will not be creating a Cold War Service medal" and that any commemorative medals made by private vendors are unauthorized on the military uniform.[3] At present the Cold War Victory Medal remains strictly commemorative and is unofficial other than for members of the Louisiana National Guard.

The Cold War Victory Medal is also referred to as the Cold War Commemorative MedalCold War Service Medal, or simply as the Cold War Medal. There are no devices or attachments authorized for the Cold War Victory Medal.



Please remember... you can NOT wear this medal in UNIFORM (active duty), but you can wear it as a civilain as a Commemorative Medal.





The Moving Vietnam Wall

NEVER forget 

Until they all come home



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